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J.M. Rosen's Cheesecakes is a wholesale bakery in the San Francisco North Bay town of Petaluma. We have been providing quality handmade cheesecakes to fine food establishments in California since 1983.  Handmade cheesecakes with the highest quality, clean ingredients available is what makes our cheesecakes superior in quality. Unforgettable would better describe the J.M. Rosen experience.

J.M. Rosen's is proud to say that our cheesecake is served by some of the finest restaurants and gourmet markets in Northern and Southern California. A favorite to the stars as far back to Frank Sinatra, in 2010, J.M. Rosen's Cheesecake is still handmade by one of the original chefs.  Standing the test of time with an unbeatable quality and one of a kind taste, patrons will flock to an establishment just to enjoy a decadent slice of J.M. Rosen's Cheesecake. 

Asked so often, "How do you make such a fabulous rich and creamy cheesecake?"  The intricate collaboration of textures and flavors it takes to create one of J.M. Rosen's special recipes is still unmatched by other wholesale bakeries. The anatomy, they will share, the ingredients and techniques will remain an exclusive of the original chef... still baking today.

Take a mental trip through the flavors of this decadent and most popular Chocolate Fantasy Cheesecake. A one of a kind original receipe by J.M. Rosen's Cheesecakes. Then do your customers a favor and order from J.M. Rosen's extensive menu of cheesecake flavors.